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  1. Does Cultiv8 provide the soil test?
    Farmers must provide soil test. If farmers are unable to locate a provider for the soil test, the Cultiv8 team will help them locate an entity to perform it.

  2. Does Cultiv8 pay for the soil test?
    The soil test is not paid for by Cultiv8. However, Cultiv8 will reimburse the farmer if approved. 

  3. Does Cultiv8 grow CBD or fiber crops?
    We’re growing fiber & seed crops.

  4. When will farmers who participate in Cultiv8's program begin planting
    We will begin planting with our farmer partners in the 2020 planting season as it will be the first season hemp crops will be eligible for USDA crop insurance.

  5. Will Cultiv8 or the Department of Agriculture inspect the farm?
    The Cultiv8 team will inspect the farm to ensure it meets the standard guidelines.

  6. Do farmers need to be approved by the state before working with Cultiv8?
    No. The Cultiv8 team will walk farmers through the process of getting approved by the state.

  7.  How much land is required?
    Cultiv8 will onboard farmers and any land if it has 25+ acres and pass a soil test.

  8. Are seeds provided?
    Yes seeds are provided.

  9. How does Cultiv8 harvest?
    Fiber- Standard harvest will be to cut and dry in air rows to around 25% then baled. Harvest will then be moved to warehouse and shipped from there.

  10. How tall do the plants grow?
    Fiber plants grow on average between 14-18 feet in height. Seed plants grow on average 4-7 feet in height.

  11. What start-up operations does Cultiv8 provide?
    Cultiv8 will provide seed, machinery, smart-technology, crop insurance, and training.

  12. What percentage of the profit will farmers be paid?
    In addition to upfront operational costs, farmers receive 10% of net profit from the end products.

  13. What type of facilities will Cultiv8 provide?
    The Cultiv8 development team will build solar panels and greenhouses to aid in product growth and harvest.

  14. How much land is required to particiate in the program?
    Cultiv8 requires a minimum of 25 acres to be a part of this program.

  15. How are farmers paid?
    Once the crop is sold, farmers will receive payment by check or direct deposit.

  16. What type of crops will be grown?
    Fiber and seed crops will be grown.

  17. What is the plant growth cycle?
    The plant growth cycle is 90 to 120 days.

  18. When do you plant the seeds?
    You can plant at any time unless the ground is frozen. The crop is heat and cold resistant.

  19. Do you have to do a rotation crop between harvest?
    No. The plant puts nitrogen back into the ground. Only minimal rotation is recommended, about once every 4 years.

  20. Can hemp flower be shipped into the US?
    Yes, if you are located outside the US the material can be shipped as long as it’s been broken down into its raw material.

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